4 Things All Quality Dentists Should Have

Dental work is, for most people, the last thing anyone is particularly fond of. Generally, it’s an all-around dreadful experience that most people would actively avoid if they could. The good news is that, while it probably won’t ever be your favorite thing in the world, you can make it somewhat more bearable by finding a quality dentist.

Below, we’ve broken down the 4 top qualities that all great dentists have and what you should be on the lookout for when deciding on who you want fiddling with your teeth.

Quality Trait #1. Location, Location, Location

Let’s start with one of the bigger issues first here. While it would be great to just say, “pick the best dentist out there”, we all know that that’s simply not possible. After all, what if you find a stellar dentist in Arizona but you live in Michigan?

And while many people would assume that this means you should pick something as close or as local as possible, this isn’t 100% true either. You ideally want to have in your head how far you feel comfortable driving out to time-wise and going from there. Are you willing to drive out 3 hours for the best dentist out there? Most people would say no. However, would you drive out to a dentist an hour out of your way? This may be more realistic.

A great example is Sol Dental Care in El Paso Texas. They’re an incredible dental firm that offers a plethora of different services. And while someone in Florida may not be willing to drive out to them, someone that is in Austin or San Antonio may be willing to make the trek if they feel the work is worth it.

Quality Trait #2. Communication Style

When it comes to explaining the severity of your situation, it’s important to always deal with a dentist that can speak plainly to you and as friendly and outgoing as possible. This isn’t just how well they break down advanced dental concepts, but if your first language isn’t English, they should also ideally know something of your native tongue. Even if it’s just to get some fundamental concepts across.

Quality Trait #3. Professional & Competent

You can’t get a second chance at a first impression. When you go out to meet your dentist, how well put-together are they? Do they strike you as someone that knows what they’re doing? Is their dental office clean or is it disheveled? Is the front desk receptionist attentive or are they a bit rude? These things do matter and you aren’t a bad person for taking them seriously. In fact, ignoring these seemingly innocuous details can result in a pretty poor dental experience overall.

Quality Trait #4. How Much Do They Emphasize Preventative Care?

Lastly, you need to find a dental firm that stresses preventative care. If they are offering only a cursory “brush and floss” line, and nothing more, then you know they aren’t a great fit for you. How much do they stress regular checkups along with all the different treatment options you may need? You dentist should put your oral health well over their personal financial gain from a corrective dental procedure. If they aren’t, understand that they don’t care about you and aren’t looking out for you.