Benefits Of Website Personalization For Marketers

In order to reach more potential customers and compete with others, a business needs to have a website. Aside from allowing people to purchase conveniently, a website also serves as a free platform for showcasing/advertising products.

However, as time passed, consumers have also developed different buying patterns, and purchase influence is now stronger thanks to the Internet. Accordingly, these things rendered many websites ineffective in converting leads.

As an answer to the now diversified consumer behaviors, many companies adopted the website personalization approach. According to experts, it is the act of making a site dynamic or customized to fit a visitor’s interests and needs. Website personalization has been proven to be very effective, and it offers the following benefits for marketers:

4 Significant Benefits Of Website Personalization For Marketers

1. Improved landing pages

If unfamiliar, landing pages are dedicated pages developed to convert leads. After clicking a link from an emailsocial media post, or ad, a landing page will show up. Instead of redirecting to the homepage, a site will load this type of page to emphasize CTA and avoid distracting visitors.

With website personalization, a landing page will appeal even more to a specific visitor group. A marketer will simply have to make a page’s colors, images, word choices, references, or message interesting or relatable. Since email lists or social media algorithms have user interest data, matching personalized landing pages to specific consumer groups is possible.

2. Better and more relevant recommendations

Applying website personalization can make product/content recommendations better. Using an algorithm and user data, a site or online shop will know what posts or products to show to encourage clicks or successful purchases. In this case, personalization is about analyzing the likes/most browsed or searched/bought items of a user or other users with similar activity patterns, for instance. An online shop can then use the analyzed data to search for and show similar/related items, items from a brand, or products frequently bought together with an item.

3. Gain more returning customers

To convert first-time buyers/visitors into loyal customers/readers, one thing a marketer can do is to analyze users and customize the experiences based on results. With personalization, a website will make people come back and feel cared for by the company.

It can be about learning user behavior to automate tasks or suggest actions to lessen work, or offering discounts/free products that a person will surely want. If a website maintains the interest and has all the customers’ needs, then users will likely become returning customers.

4. Increase time spent on the website

Similar to having more returning customers, website personalization can increase the time visitors spend on the site. If a product is relevant to a user or the content is about something a person is interested in, that user will likely stick around to scroll or read. Apart from that, it will build up interest, which drives visitors to open more links and explore other parts of the site.

Give Website Personalization A Try

Website personalization has become more important due to tight competition and low user attention span. While it’s not particularly easy to start at first, it will be manageable in the long run, especially with helpful tools like As a headless CMS, integrates with CRMs and personalization engines, making site personalization and management and customer tracking seamless. Learn more or try it for free now!